my diet


My diet is critical for my recovery.  When I put pure, whole food in my body, I feel clarity.  I feel light.  This combined with not overeating, not smoking, and not drinking feels holy.  For the first time in my life, I am honoring my body.  It is sacred.  And it’s not just my body that reaps the rewards.  I’m also making an impact on factory farming that is tortuous to animals.  And I’m reducing my carbon footprint.

Not contributing to factory farming is important to me.  When I began discovering the inhumane practices we have of making meat in this country it took away any appetite I had for a burger, pork chop or chicken salad.  I’m now very conscious of what goes in my body and I can’t stand the thought of consuming fear, pain and suffering that these animals endure.

My recovery process is very much based on compassion.  Compassion for myself is the biggest step.  I’ve spent a lifetime berating myself and this is a hard habit to break.  But, now I am adopting a compassionate attitude toward myself and it has a ripple effect to the animals, and the earth.  This is my contribution toward peace and I take it seriously.  I see it as another form of service in my recovery work.  I’m not evangelical in my veganism but I do hope to pique people’s curiosity and perhaps plant a seed.


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