Grace, Beauty and Light


I loved the white hair of the little blue haired ladies at Grace’s Beauty Shoppe, after I had fully shampooed away their silver lining hair rinse.  Those little women didn’t like their pure white hair to be seen but I always marveled at how beautiful it was against their pale pink scalps.

They struggled showing their white, just as I struggle to allow my pure bright light to shine.  It’s apparently a universal condition.  Why am I, are we, so hesitant to fully be our magnificent selves?

I learned a lot during my days at Grace’s Beauty Shoppe.  I never realized the depth of wisdom that I was exposed to until years later and I starting experiencing women’s circles.  It felt foreign, yet so profoundly familiar, to be connected in such a powerful and intimate way.

By growing up in Grace’s Beauty Shoppe, I had been a part of informal women’s circles all my life.  There was a sense of deep connection and authenticity in that little community that I have continued to carry deep in my cells.

So it comes as no surprise that the most important moment in my life was a moment of grace and beauty and I was surrounded yet again by a circle of women and one of them, Courtney, just happened to be a hairdresser.  This was the moment that I finally, fully willing, surrendered that I was powerless over alcohol and began my journey into recovery.  Courtney the hairdresser whose career was to make women beautiful, was my guide and she gently coaxed the white, the light and the brightness out of my darkened soul.  And the other beautician in my life Grace, who was my very wise grandmother continues to guide me on this journey which is about far more than not drinking alcohol.  She is always there to nudge me into the next dimension of love and life.



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