I’m a recovering alcoholic on a mission to help other women (and the occasional man too) discover that recovery can be amazing and open up to a world of peace, joy and excitement that we never knew while drinking.

I call my site High Bottom because most people never knew I had a serious problem with alcohol…externally, it looked like I had my act together.  Internally was a different story…I was a train wreck.   In the alcoholic world, it’s called hitting bottom when you have a wake up call.

A few other facts about me:  I’m from Nashville, I love the south, I enjoy yoga, boot camp, meditation, women’s circles and anything that will take me deeper into the sacred, I’m an artist, a writer,  and I have a dark, somewhat warped sense of humor.  I believe in the healing power of whole, organic food.   I’ve been married to my hero for over 20 years and we’re embracing middle age together, but frequently praise the glory days of our youth.


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