Monthly Archives: June 2013

Politically Incorrect


I (along with Oprah and most other middle aged women) have become a big fan of Brene’ Brown and her shame and vulnerability research.  I’ve really been trying to dig deep and see what taps into my own shame.

I’ve discovered that I spend so much time worrying about being politically correct, not being offensive, and god forbid, not appearing ignorant that I end up not being fully present.  

My challenge to myself is quit worrying about names, labels, pronunciations, and just love all humans.  And how about starting with myself.  I think I will have a bit of compassion for myself and recognize that I may say something insensitive but if I do, I don’t believe it will be because there is any maliciousness to it.  If it happens.  Let it go and just love.   I’m much more interested in being present, kind and loving than politically correct.