Dreamwork and the Unconscious (part 1)



If you want to excelerate your personal growth and development, start working with your dreams.  The picture of the iceberg is a perfect representation of what you’re dealing with.  The top of the iceberg (the teeny little part of this big monstrosity) that is above the water is the conscious material we work with in day to day life.

And then, down below…the underwater part of the iceberg (which happens to be where the majority of the iceberg resides) that’s our unconscious material which is what motivates and drives us.

And therein lies the problem, this huge unconscious part of ourself is driving us and it’s happening on an UNconscious level, so how we react, feel, respond, think, etc is connected with this icy aspect down below.

Imagine if you were to gain access to this and use it in a proactive, creative way!  It’s very empowering to start working with dreams.

Once you look at the symbolism and find the gifts your unconscious is giving you, typically an AHA moment occurs and you can be guaranteed that a shift just occurred.  It’s that simple.  Engaging the unconscious and your dreams can ignite a powerful shift in how your life flows.

Be watching for blog posts on how to access and work with this information.


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