Four Years Late…but Right on Time


I have been sober for 4.5 years.  I was told that it was recommended to start sponsoring other women in recovery when I reached 6 months sober.  I procastinated…for 4 years.  

This is quite out of character for me.  Being of the overachieving, faster-is-better mindset I would have expected myself to become someone’s sponsor about 48 hours after getting sober.  But I’ve actually waited for almost 5 years!  

Now that I’m sponsoring a fabulous, young woman, I’m very excited about our work together.  But I’ve also wondered what my resistance was.  I actually believe I was following my inner guidance (for once!). 

I have realized that I tend to be such a “know it all” sometimes, that sponsoring someone while I was still young in recovery would have taken my focus away from my own recovery.  I suspect that I would have  put so much energy into controlling her process that I would have missed the critical pieces of mine.  

As I look back, every time I would think “I know I should be sponsoring someone” a little voice would whisper, “not today.”  And I followed it.  Month after month.  Year after year.  And then one day a couple of months ago, I felt a strong calling that I should be someone’s sponsor.  I literally got up checked meeting times and saw that there was a women’s meeting that I had never been to and it was starting within an hour.  

I went to that meeting and the fabulous aforementioned young woman spoke at the end of the meeting and said if anyone was willing to be her sponsor to please talk to her after the meeting.  Well there you have it.  Listening to inner guidance really makes things flow rather easily.  I heard it’s time to be a sponsor and 2 hours later I was a sponsor.  Image


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