It’s almost meeting time and I would so, so prefer to sit home in the quiet.  There is nothing wrong in my life right now.  I’m very content and happy.  And I would be especially content sitting at home.  Alone.

Now if there were something wrong in my life right now, I would also be especially content to sit at home and not have to interact with anyone.

I know this is rather consistent with other alcoholics too.  Why do we do this?  How can we keep ourselves from doing it?

Tonight, even though I’m very peaceful and content sitting at home, I know it’s more important that I go and plop my happy vibe down in the center of the meeting.  Someone there may need exactly what I’ve got tonight.  I will go.  Maybe I’ll share these thoughts.

The next time I’m not feeling so great, perhaps I’ll come back and read these words and drag my self pitying ass to a meeting and talk about how I’m feeling.  That is one of the hardest things to do, but also one of the most powerful.  It’s an alcoholic’s kryptonite.  It takes the power right out of the “woe is me”.


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