My Black Eye


I have a black eye.  I am finding a lot of freedom in this black eye.  I find freedom in the oddest places with sobriety.  

The background of the black eye is that I’m allergic to cats.  I petted a cat.  The cat also inserted a little kitty nail into my skin…kitty venom then traveled to my eye (one, not both) and I began rubbing it.   Much to my surprise the venom and rubbing combo on aging thin skinned eyes produced a shiner.  

How is it that I find freedom in this?  Back in my drinking days I would have been highly conscientious of a black eye wondering if people thought I got it from drinking and falling down.   I had a blanket of shame and guilt around me all the time so worried that people would  find out the truth about my addiction.  

I love having nothing to hide now.  Not even a black eye.  


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