This morning I unplugged my smart phone, my Chromebook, my Android tablet and my old school very heavy laptop from their  nightly chargers.

I then proceeded to have texting conversations with three different people on topics of a homemade thunder shirt, a middle aged romance, and contract clinical work…all while drying my hair.

Oh my gosh, I’ve become that person.  How did this happen?  Well it’s not hard when information is coming at us in so many different ways.  It takes intentional effort to stay present and mindful.  My daily meditation practice is a key part.  But there are also other ways of limiting the insidious brain drain.

Thankfully there is middle ground.  I can set boundaries for myself.  I can turn the cell phone off (yikes!) or at least leave it in another room on silent for certain parts of my day.  Or I could give it business hours.  The phone is only on from 8-6.  I could commit to only checking email twice a day.  There are plenty of options. But it takes commitment.

I recently read a FB post where someone was considering putting her phone in her purse and her purse in her trunk while she was driving.  I almost had anxiety just reading it.  If that causes me anxiety, then I need to give pause and evaluate how technology is running my life.

And now I will click publish on my handy lightweight chromebook…and then I will click it shut.



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