Moderation in Moderation


I recently read a dialogue of Oprah interviewing Maya Angelou.  Ms. Angelou was speaking of moderation which piqued my interest.  As an active alcoholic, moderation was not something I experienced often.

However, as a recovering alcoholic, I’m becoming more familiar with it.  But, I’m also noticing that I almost have too much moderation.  I’m so afraid of getting out of control again that I’m constantly clamping down on myself about everything.  I’ve discovered that I’m very good at rules and discipline.

So, when Maya Angelou said “…even moderation in moderation” it struck a chord with me.  It informed me that I’m so terrified of getting out of control that I’ve moderated everything.  Maybe it’s time to loosen up.  Why not play around with spontaneity and put a little fire in my life.  All passion does not lead down the road of vodka.




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