Telling My Story


I got sober almost four years ago, and I kept trying to find women who had experiences similar to mine, because I wondered if I could really be an alcoholic since I hadn’t had any bad consequences.  No DUIs, no lost jobs, no family or friends confronting me on my behavior…nothing that indicated I was an alcoholic (externally anyway).  Internally I was a mess.  I was incredibly depressed and felt like such a failure because I couldn’t control my drinking and the hangovers were hideous.  I was a puker.  But no need to go into more details about that.

So, I’m writing my big ole alcoholic memoir…partly to help me make sense of it all and also to see if my experience might help someone else find the light a little sooner.

I’ll be posting snippets of the memoir along with other random observations about life.   Here are a few things about me:

I’m from Nashville and love being from the south.  I love being a recovering alcoholic and the journey it’s brought me.  I meditate, do yoga, and eat a plant based diet…these things are a big part of my recovery.  I’m a fan of the mystical and the sacred and find a lot of intriguing things about different religions, but don’t claim to be a follower of any.

My church is on a hiking trail, in the art studio or on the yoga mat. I believe in the power of love and the human spirit.   I’ve become an artist and a writer since getting sober…finding my creative path has been very expansive.  I’m also intrigued with being a middle aged woman and seeing what all comes along with aging .   I suffer from seasonal affective disorder and a sluggish colon but I have a Happy Light and a Squatty Potty and both are manageable.  This random list could go on for a while…but keeping posts short and sweet is probably a good idea.  So until the next post….may this warm October weather warm your soul.    xoxo


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