Nature is my Co-Therapist


I have the good (no great!) fortune to do a lot of my therapy sessions outside in the woods, walking along the river, or sitting on a stump.  I find they are much more powerful when done in the great outdoors.  Most clients are very amenable to going outdoors and also feel how much more easily the process flows.

Recently I wasn’t able to get outdoors with a client and it was actually kind of uncomfortable to be inside in a stark room.  In a bit of desperation, I had the client close his eyes and I did an impromptu guided meditation of walking outside along the river taking the scene in with all of his senses.  His physical rigidity relaxed and I heard a big sigh.  After the meditation he affirmed that it really connected him on a deeper level and we were able to move through some hard work.

He asked why nature is so helpful in the process.  I excitedly tried to explain.  But it was hard, because I didn’t have the right words.  Yes, nature is powerful and healing.  It’s an amazing metaphor for how to live life.  It has all kinds of alchemical processes going on that we breathe in with multiple senses.  But I still wasn’t necessarily answering his question.  I sat speechless for a minute and then what felt nearest to the truth came, it gets us in touch with OUR true nature.  It connects us to our pure, whole, holy self.  That felt right.


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