Nascar Wisdom


As I was scanning the sports section of the newspaper this morning (hey why never know where wisdom will crop up),  I noticed an interview with a race car driver that included the question, “If you could give your younger self a piece of advice…what would you tell yourself?”  

Hmm, I was intrigued.  I quickly skimmed for speed racer’s response.  He said things like, “I was always worried…put way too much pressure on myself…”  He goes on to tell how he would talk himself down from the craziness (my words not his) to get to a calmer, more confident place.  And finally, he said, “If I had any advice to give it’d be, Don’t act like such a dumbass sometimes.”  Amen brother.  That is going in my journal today.  Perhaps pasted to the dash of my car or maybe even tattooed on my knee.  

That’s keeping it simple.  Don’t act like such a dumbass sometimes.  I especially like that he didn’t say, Don’t BE a dumbass.  No, he said don’t ACT like one.  Brilliant.  Today I will not act like a dumbass and will attempt to just BE.


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