Enter the Fog


I’m sitting in my meditation room, gazing out at the woods and I start to notice a fog rolling gently out of the woods.  It’s slow and subtle, but it is definitely getting foggy.

It’s a siren call from the forest.  I am lured out of my cozy, warm meditation room into the woods.  As I enter the woods I believe I have discovered the origin of the fog.  The temperature is rising and the ice is melting and this is creating a misty, moist fog.

I compare it to the place I am in my life at this particular time.  I’m doing the inner work of dislodging, old, stuck, frozen emotions and allowing them to rise to the surface and then hopefully simply dissipate like  this ice that is melting away.  Once again, nature is teaching me the simplicity of allowing things to occur.

The forest’s ice is simply melting and gently dissipating.  This is creating a fog in and around the forest…but I know that it too will soon dissipate.

I’m using this as a metaphor for my own inner work and to relish the fog and immerse myself in the mystery rather than fighting for clarity.



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