Incessant Stream of Mind


I am re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth and finding new layers of awareness within it.

Since I first read it 8 years ago, I have put 8 years of daily meditation under my belt, gotten sober and started working a recovery program, and have done numerous neurofeedback sessions.  No wonder it makes more sense to me now!

Tolle says that most people are completely identified with the incessant stream of mind aka compulsive thinking.  Amen to that.  Even after all that I have put under my belt (see above) I still have periods of the incessant stream.    I suppose when you think of how it took 40+ years to get to that point, it may take a while to undo it as well.

Being able to observe my thoughts and make a conscious choice to stop them or at least try to ignore them has brought so much peace to my life.  And neurofeedback provided a great jump start for making this happen.  Combining neurofeedback with sobriety and meditation has been a perfect cocktail (pardon the pun) for my recovery.

Neurofeedback is EEG biofeedback and it trains the brain to calm and regulate itself no matter what the situation.  The beauty of this type of regulation is that it not only works on incessant streaming, but it also calms the nervous system which affects the body and other systems as well.  It regulates hormones, reduces pain and discomfort in the body, regulates sleep, and makes an overall systemic change to body and mind.  With enough sessions it creates sustainable change.

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