If you Love it So Much…



I love writing.  I love the act of creating something with words.  I love the click clack on the keyboard.  I love notebook paper and a #2 pencil.  I love being surprised by what shows up on the page.  I even love reading about writing.  I simply love writing.

It makes me think of that adolescent retort of, “well if you love it so much why don’t you marry it?” That’s a really good question.  If I love writing so much, then why am I not more committed to it?  Why have I not posted on my blog in 4 months?

Yes, very good question.  And I know the answer.  Because I don’t make it a priority, that’s why.   Even though I know that my creativity is directly linked to the peace and contentment that I feel in sobriety, I still find myself going months without painting or writing.  It’s not a healthy thing for me to be abstinent from creativity.

Writing, painting, physical exercise, healthy food, and meditating are essential to my sobriety.  For some reason I always make exercise, good food and meditation a top priority (thank god), but creativity is an area that is more easily put on the back burner.

By writing about this, I’m publicly committing to a more valiant effort of keeping my creative fires stoked.  Especially throughout the winter!

What about you?


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