Monthly Archives: July 2013

Don’t Sleepwalk through Life


It’s interesting that we’ve become a culture obsessed with zombies, considering there are so many people sleepwalking through life.

Being conscious takes time, dedication and effort.  I know that when I dedicate time to doing my inner work I feel balanced and life flows more easily.  But sometimes this little internal voice says I’m self absorbed, narcissistic and spending too much time on myself.

Yet, when I don’t do the inner work, I really DO become self absorbed and narcissistic because I start thinking like a crazy person and spending way too much time in my head.

I’ve learned the hard way that it is good investment of time and energy for me to do my inner work.  And the people around me benefit from it too, because when I’m not nuts, I’m a much better resource for them.

Carl Jung says “The reason why consciousness exists, and why there is an urge to widen and deepen it, is very simple:  without consciousness things go less well.”

Don’t be a zombie.  Get out the journal.  Meditate.  Work with your dreams.  Do a little art work.  Go for a solo hike.  Just do something that acknowledges your inner life and give it a bit of attention.  We already have enough zombies in the world.Image


Moderation in Moderation


I recently read a dialogue of Oprah interviewing Maya Angelou.  Ms. Angelou was speaking of moderation which piqued my interest.  As an active alcoholic, moderation was not something I experienced often.

However, as a recovering alcoholic, I’m becoming more familiar with it.  But, I’m also noticing that I almost have too much moderation.  I’m so afraid of getting out of control again that I’m constantly clamping down on myself about everything.  I’ve discovered that I’m very good at rules and discipline.

So, when Maya Angelou said “…even moderation in moderation” it struck a chord with me.  It informed me that I’m so terrified of getting out of control that I’ve moderated everything.  Maybe it’s time to loosen up.  Why not play around with spontaneity and put a little fire in my life.  All passion does not lead down the road of vodka.



Staying on the Pink Cloud


I recently heard a woman share at a meeting that she had been sober for quite some time but she was depressed and losing hope.  She missed the pink cloud.

Many say we can’t stay on the pink cloud.  I personally believe we can stay on the pink cloud!  But it takes dedication to doing inner work.  That includes working the steps, going to meetings, and talking to others who have what you want.  It also takes doing deeper inner work which requires a real commitment.  It takes time, energy and the willingness to do the work.  But the reward is paramount.

Some of the ways to do deeper inner work is through meditation, creativity, dream work, journaling, creative writing, using divination tools, participating in groups, and spending quiet time in nature.  These are just a few of the hundreds of things that can be done to develop the balanced inner life that leads to peace and fulfillment.

Staying on the pink cloud doesn’t mean things don’t go wrong in life, it just means your response to it is calm and consistent.  Doing the deep inner work allows you the space to feel clarity and have a sense of empowerment…no matter what comes along in life.

I find so much more fulfillment in the time I spend on my inner process than I ever did at happy hours, GNO’s or having white wine and Ruffles in front of the TV.

I was very (VERY) committed to rewarding myself with a drink.  In the beginning of sobriety, I had to constantly challenge myself to be just as committed to doing the inner work.  Now, the inner work IS the reward.  I love the process and I love clearing out layers of muck to continue feeling lighter and lighter on my pretty pink cloud.Image