7/11…Bound to be a Lucky Day


Today I woke up realizing it was 7/11 and imagined what a lucky day was in store for me.  And boy I was right!  

Already this morning, I woke up as the sun was rising with a clear head and clear heart.  I don’t ever want to forget the miracle of that alone.  All those mornings after having had a little bit of wine or a whole, whole lot of wine (well actually I don’t know that I ever had a little bit of wine in my entire life) but anyway, all those mornings I woke up after having had alcohol the night before were different levels of hazy and foggy.  Some mornings were just a slight haze but plenty of mornings they were excruciating, painful thick fogs.  

Now I absolutely cherish every clear headed morning.  I love being in the cycles of nature and going to bed early and waking up as the sun rises and I have this really loud bird that sits on my window sill and calls to me each morning.  That always makes me wake up with a smile.  I feel like she’s there just for my enjoyment.  

She probably has always been there but I never heard her until I started experiencing this clear head and heart thing.

Then I couldn’t believe my luck when I sat drinking my early morning cup of coffee and got to witness these two crazy squirrels chasing each other up and down the huge tree that graces my front yard.  They were cirque du soleil squirrels, flying through the air, leaping after each other’s tails.  It was enough to put another smile on my face.

My day continued to be incredibly lucky when I went to 6 AM boot camp class and while I may not keep up with the young ones, it’s pretty much a miracle what this body can do considering all the abuse I put it through for years with cigarettes, alcohol, adderall and unhealthy eating.  I’m so lucky to have such a willing, strong body.

I can’t wait to see what else this lucky day holds for me.  I have a feeling that since I’m looking for luck…I may just find it all kinds of unexpected places.  



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