Don’t be Mean


I was recently reading a post on a recovery website and then dropped down and started reading the comments.  Oh. My. God.  These people were so mean!  There were very heated arguments about the Big Book, 12 steps and different approaches to recovery.

There were statements being thrown around like, “.. step out of your ivory tower… find some humility…your comment only shows how far YOU have to go…don’t listen to this blogger…AA promotes binge drinking…it’s people like YOU who…blah blah blah”

The interesting thing is that everyone who was writing had some connection to addiction and I don’t think it would be a stretch to say they all were interested in living a fulfilling life without being controlled by drugs and alcohol.  Yet they were yelling at each other anonymously behind their little screens.

Why do we have this innate need to be “right.”   I think it’s fear based.  Especially when it comes to recovery.  I’m speculating that there is this very deeply rooted fear that addiction will kill and when each of these people found something that worked they latched hold of it addictively and now they are willing to fight to be right.  Who knows…I’m speculating about a bunch of strangers.

But what I took from this is that I will stand firmly on the ground that is working and keeping me sober and I will also be open to others’ ways of recovery.  I will be a tree.  I will be deeply rooted, yet flexible and swaying.  My intention is to never, ever blast someone because they don’t believe in my way of recovery.



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  1. Great post. One of my mantras in life is “Just be nice” (and it’s also in the title of my blog!). Sometimes reminding myself of that keeps me in line and helps me keep my mouth shut. Everyone is on their own journey and can never know what is best for someone else!

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