Monday Morning Hangover


As some of you know I have been on a candida cleanse for the past 8 months.  I have been militant about not eating sugar, dairy, gluten and processed foods.   My discipline has been due to being so miserable with chronic sinus and constipation issues that I was really willing to go the full journey to be rid of it all.

AND, I was spending a butt load of money each month on supplements, herbs, colon cleansing, etc.  So it didn’t make sense to pour the wrong food in and negate all that was going right in my gut.

I have been getting great results for 8 months and was definitely feeling that the healthy gut flora (I’m picturing tulips and posies in my belly) had overtaken the nasty parasites, fungus and other creepy crawlies.

And so, when our good friend brought a heath bar cake on the 4th of July, somehow it suddenly made sense to have just a bite of it because I had been so angelic for 8 freaking months.

If you haven’t had heath bar cake, apparently it is also sprinkled with a dusting of crack cocaine…because I was immediately addicted and could not quit obsessing about the cake sitting in my fridge for the next 3 days.

I only had a few bites each day but when I did, the chilled chocolate cake, caramel, whipped topping, heath bar crumbles and dusting of crack entered my system with such a jolt I had a split second of nirvana.  Oh my goodness it was heaven.  I did the “few little bites at a time” experiment for 3 days.

During those three days I quit sleeping the luxurious, sound sleep that I’m used to.  I started having hot flashes, my digestive process slowed down (if you know what I mean), and my mood bottomed out to the point that I was snapping left and right at anyone who looked my way.  By day three I had a raging sinus headache, I was foggy, and had to ramp up my colon cleansing regime.  But I couldn’t get the crack cake out of my head.

Finally this morning I was strong.  I dumped the remaining cake in the trash.  I have been fighting my sugar hangover all day.

I now fully know how addictive the sugar/fat combo is and also how toxic it is to my entire system.  It’s just not worth it  Image


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