Back it up


I’ve always been a firm believer in using gratitude to shift my attitude and my energy.    I used it on my husband to the point that I eventually wiped out everything I was annoyed about and now I live in a pretty constant state of gratitude for who he is (rather than focusing on the petty little ways in which he once again didn’t read my mind).

I recently read advice about gratitude that is now taking me to a new level of experiencing it.   And that was the advice, to experience it.

So rather than just making my Oprah-assigned list, now every time I notice something I’m grateful for, I back up and really experience it if only for a few seconds.

Like this morning my mind was racing through my to-do list while I was showering and I had a flash of how nice the hot water was.  I backed up and really felt the hot water and experienced it and appreciated it.  Then I sent love and compassion for those who don’t have the benefit of a hot shower and hoped they were experiencing just a moment of being showered with love instead.

May you enjoy, experience and savor your day.


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