I wish there wasn’t such a stigma that goes along with being an alcoholic.  It’s interesting how being a party girl was much more comfortable for people than knowing I’m a recovering alcoholic.  If you want to throw a little awkwardness into any conversation,  mention recovering alcoholic.

I don’t feel flawed.  As crazy as this sounds, I’m actually grateful to be an alcoholic.  I have a built in community that is focused on healing, self care, and spirituality.  I can go anywhere in the world and find a meeting of my peers.  I can be in an airport and page Bill W. and someone from the program will come support me.

And what is the cost of being an alcoholic?  It means I can never take a sip of alcohol again.  So what.  It’s poison for me, so it’s not such a big cost??  It also means I don’t have the option of numbing out what I’m feeling, I get to move through whatever emotion or situation rather than pushing it down and filling it with liquid novacaine.  There is a lot of freedom in fully living.


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