The Trick to Slowing Life Down


I have so much more time now that I’m sober, yet I’m interested in so many more things (yoga, painting, writing, nature, cooking, meditating, reading, learning…) that I never feel like I have enough time and energy to do all that I want to do.

I frequently find myself being in this mental state of “lack.”   On one hand, it’s exciting to be so passionate about so many things after spending years just living for “happy hour.”  But on the other hand, I really have to coax myself to relax and enjoy the present moment.   Fully be in the present moment.  How can I truly enjoy painting if I’m thinking about going to yoga next?  I’ve been told if I slow down, time will slow down.  It’s my new practice.  And it’s definitely taking a lot of practice.

I also find myself having regret for the years I spent drinking and not pursuing all these passions.  When I catch myself doing that I put an immediate stop to living in the past.  That’s never gotten me anywhere.

Today I challenge myself to:  slow down and have gratitude in the moment.  Just for today.


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