This too shall pass…


When I got sober I also got healthy (or that was the plan).  I began eating a plant based diet.  No meat, dairy, or processed foods for me.  This made a huge difference in how I felt.  Everything has been so much clearer and I feel more energized and vibrant.  But there have been three different issues that continue to plague me even after changing the diet.  Constipation, chronic sinus issues, and weak adrenal glands.

Now this has been incredibly perplexing.  How could my adrenals be shot when I don’t feel stressed, I meditate, do yoga, exercise, and I know how to say no.  And who lives on beans, rice and kale and stays constipated?  It’s ridiculous.  And the sinus issue, well it just seems like there’s no reason I shouldn’t have perfect health!  And I wasn’t giving up until I reached it.

I’ve been to many different practitioners trying to find the root of each problem.  I’ve been resistant to going the Western medicine route because I know they will only treat the symptom and not address the root cause.

I may have finally found the answer.  And it ain’t pretty.  I went to an Iridologist who gets your medical history by looking at your iris at a highly magnified rate.  This iridologist was able to show me on the magnified eyeball exactly what was going on.  It was a systemic problem that connected all three conditions.

I have a significant candida yeast overgrowth, that also started growing fungus, and then parasites set up camp.  EWWW.  All of this was affecting my entire system.  When she said it looked pretty intense and asked if I had consumed a lot of sugar in my life, I was about to say no, when I realized that twenty years of abusing alcohol might explain the sit.u.a.tion.  Yes, she affirmed that was a lot of yeast to be building a nice little base camp in my gut.

While I was excited to finally get to the root of the problems, it was also a downer to think it was most likely alcohol related.  I had done this to myself.  And it was timely that while I’m working on my fourth step and realizing how much resentment I have toward myself for many things, here was one more thing to work on forgiveness and acceptance about.  I had a toxic cess pool of shame living in my gut.  I was ready to get rid of it and the negative emotions associated with it.

Well apparently it’s not that easy.  It’s a process of taking lots of herbs to kill candida, parasites, and fungus.  And in the process you cannot feed the monster any type of sugar or starch.  No fruit, potatoes, squash, beans, breads, corn, nothing with fungus such as most types of nuts, mushrooms, soy products…so it comes down to only raw salads with mainly green veggies or steamed veggies.  No coffee, caffeine, or even sparkling water.  It’s a pretty stringent diet.  Not even a piece of gum even if it’s sugar free, the aspartame will feed the monster and activate growth.

I’m committed to completing this process and it’s a 60-day one.  I’ve started it the week before Thanksgiving.  I find the timing pretty humorous.  I really am committed because I believe when I get to the other side I will find myself in a different mental and physical state.

I’ve also had to face the fact of how much mindless eating I do and even though I usually only have 1-2 at a time, I really am addicted to dark chocolate kisses.  And I do (did) have them after every meal.  Breakfast being my fave…2 dark kisses with a cup of strong coffee…um, decadent.  Ok, can’t go there.  I want to be done with all my addictive behaviors.  Not that I think eating 2 kisses makes one an addict…but when I do it 3 times a day and feel devastated when I can’t do it now…yeah that might be a bit of a problem.

One more negative aspect of the killing of the candida project is that once you start killing all these things that have been living inside…the die off can produce pretty intense detox symptoms.  One of the most alarming is that all the sugar and yeast can produce ethanol and make you feel drunk as it’s leaving your system.  I’m guessing drunk not in a good way either.   I had someone offer to be my designated driver if the die off got too bad (haha, good one).  So far the symptoms have been flu like with headache and achy muscles and joints.  I’m trying to just view it as evidence the process is working.

This too shall pass.


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