I love reading memoirs.  I think people’s stories are fascinating.  I especially like reading women’s recovery memoirs and how people hit bottom.  Here’s a quote from Bonnie Raitt.

Everyone finds their own path to the bottom. I basically got heavy, wasn’t as productive as I wanted, didn’t like what I felt like, couldn’t remember everything I said to people at night. About 37 years old, I said, you know, this is not working for me, this late night life.” -Bonnie Raitt

We all reach a different place when we finally say, “enough”.  And it’s a beautiful thing when you finally reach it.

 There is such freedom in making the decision to never wake up foggy from alcohol again.  To never feel regret because did or said something ridiculous after numbing out your frontal lobes.  To never again berate yourself for not having enough will power to control your drinking (even though it’s never been a matter of will).

 There is freedom in learning to fully feel and accept your emotions.  There is freedom in embracing social anxiety and fully being your authentic self.  These things may not be comfortable (especially in the beginning), but there is still freedom. 

And most of all there is an infinite amount of freedom when after deciding “Enough, no more alcohol” you arrive at the point you realize you are ENOUGH, exactly as you are.  That is Freedom.

I’m sending hope and healing to every woman who wakes up on this Sunday morning deciding, ENOUGH!


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