The Un-Mindful Colonic


I was getting a colonic and enjoying an easy rapport with the therapist.  I couldn’t really see (and didn’t want to see) what all she was doing, but apparently while flushing out my colon with one hand, she was also checking her text messages with the other. 

I sensed she was a little distracted when she suddenly burst out, “my daughter is blowing my phone up”  she sighed and then began texting back with one hand, while the other continued to navigate the rubber hose inserted into my rear.

 She proceeded to tell me that her daughter was away at college, had a rash and it was spreading.  Daughter was at the store and needed mom’s guidance on what to buy to rid herself of said rash.

Mom and daughter continued texting with mom updating me along the way.  By this point, I had checked out.  I was annoyed that I had taken the time and money to get a colonic and my therapist was more involved with her daughter’s skin condition than my colon. 

And that’s when my racing mind took over.  I was having a very heated conversation in my head of whether or not I should confront her and let her know I didn’t appreciate the lack of attention. 

I had many potential sarcastic conversations in my head, like..oh don’t mind me, why don’t you step out and talk to your daughter and I’ll take over the hose in my butt. 

Finally I mentally floated away.   I went off  into my own lala land and when she gave me the latest update on her daughter’s plight, I just said mmhmm.  At that point, I had energetically switched into passive aggression.  That never gets me far.

Now if I had this to do over, I would have done it in a much more mindful and compassionate way.  I know that feeling victimized and irritated did nothing to benefit the flushing out of old poo.  What if I had just been present with what was happening.  Allow myself to feel my feelings but not attach a story or victimhood to it.  I could have also brought it to her attention that I was not feeling fully tended to, but I didn’t need to do it when I was in a defensive irritated state. Yes, these options feel better.  I have to remember being mindful doesn’t mean everything will always go my way.  Far from it.


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