Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine


Typically when getting sober people smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, eat tons of sugar, and sometimes overeat in general.  The whole point of recovery is to feel good mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Taking away the most toxic substance, is a huge accomplishment, but  replacing it with other addictive substances isn’t.

Eating a clean, plant based diet will give a person mental clarity when they most need it.  Coming off the booze will definitely leave you swimming in a fog .  I know there is the old adage of don’t change everything at once.  But if you’re going to be detoxing from  alcohol why not go ahead detox your body from meat , dairy, and processed foods too?

Can your diet really make a difference in how you feel mentally?  Absolutely.  Our brain health is important to how we think and feel.  And as drinkers we have already compromised the health of our brain by consistently consuming our brew.  And who knows what hangovers do to our brains.  All of that dehydration always made my brain feel as if it were shriveling up, pulling away and detaching from my skull.  But thank goodness that’s not exactly what was happening since the brain isn’t attached to the skull to begin with.  Having a clean diet supports brain function and sobriety.

The research is endless of how a plant based diet helps the body heal and restore itself.   But dairy does the body good you say?  No, actually the meat and dairy industries market well, lobby well, and have brain washed us from the time we were small children to believe we need these in our diets to be healthy.

But how can vegetables help my emotions you may wonder.  Well I don’t know about you, but my drinking nights and hungover mornings were filled with depression, anxiety and questioning.  What’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I get a handle on this?  On the day after overindulging it would be an ugly, emotional downward spiral.  I would wake up feeling like dung and then start beating myself up and the self loathing would consume me.  Now a lot of different things are happening.  We all are made up of energy and some of us vibrate at  higher, lighter frequencies and others at lower, darker frequencies.  When drinking we are definitely lowering our frequency.  When we continue drinking the frequency gets lower and lower.  When we wake up feeling like muck, the frequency is even lower.   And when the self loathing begins, the already bottomed out energy sinks even lower.

Now, think about a colorful plate full of roasted vegetables, or a green salad loaded with ripe tomatoes, and avocado.  Now, think of a quarter pounder with cheese.  Which do you think has a higher vibration?  Yes, red and green wins.  The colorful vegetables are going to help raise your vibration more than the dead animals who have most likely lived a short fear-based life in a factory farm.

Along with a higher vibration you are also going to feel better about how you are treating yourself and your body.  Maybe you have never had a very good relationship with your body in the past.  You are now healing your body and this will affect your emotions.  For women who drink too much, many of us have had a lousy relationship with our bodies.   And there are so many ways to abuse the body.  Drugs and alcohol, food, sex, exercise, and what goes on in our thoughts and feelings.

I had patterns for years of eating and drinking too much and then would try to beat my body into submission with exercise.  My relationship with my body now is very compassionate and forgiving.  With a plant based diet I’ve gotten rid of cravings and I am in tune with my body.  I know when I’m full and I stop eating.  I don’t like the feeling of being too full.  I assume this is the way some people are with alcohol.  They have one or two drink and know it’s enough and they stop drinking.  Can you imagine?!

I am still working on having compassion for myself when I don’t exercise every single day.  I catch myself with the obsessive thinking and put a stop to it.  I am still a work in progress for sure.

Since I have a lot regulated with my body and emotions, I’ve occasionally had the distorted thought of “hmm maybe I can drink like a normal person now.”   First of all this the disease of alcoholism talking because if I could, then I would have done it in the 20 years that I tried to manage it.  But secondly, if by chance there really was some miracle that allowed me to drink modestly, I would not choose it now.  I am now very consciously choosing what goes into my body.  If I’m choosing not to put things like meat and dairy in because of how they affect my mood, healing aspects, energy, etc. then why would I put alcohol in which is going to lower my vibration?  It’s just not appealing to me.  I truly love being clear.


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  1. I agree with you about vibrations! Though in my own journey I eat a meat-based diet (and veggies and nuts and good fats, little fruit, NO sugar or processed foods, no grains) I feel that we are both being mindful, which is really the most important thing. I feel so much better and even more free without eating a bunch of crap…same with alcohol. I’m not a slave to chips, bagels, and other junk foods anymore, and I’m in the process of not being a slave to the drink as well.

  2. I agree, being mindful is the most important thing. Finding what is most healthy for your body is the key. And, using food, cigarettes, etc to numb feelings is what we need to avoid. Stay with it nvf-mama!

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